Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Have I Found a Mandle?

      We've all seen the candles out there on the market that claim to be geared towards men. Scents like fresh cut grass, bacon, sawdust and even pizza. Others are a little more tame and considered 'unisex' such as Mahogany Teakwood or Leather. What is it that men really want in a candle? 
         The candle in question today was found on a shopping trip to Big Lots one afternoon pur-oozing down their candle aisle. Once I saw it I knew I had to review it for you guys and have been hanging on to it for just the right moment. What better moment than the week of the Super Bowl?!
       Before we get into the review, I'm not saying this candle can't be enjoyed by the ladies but come on girls, let's let the men have their own candle for once. 

Brand: Beer Kitchen Collection, Distributed by Big Lots
Scent: Citrus Beer Lager
Product: Travel Tin Candle 5.82 oz.
Price: $2.50

     Because I choose not to drink, I will have to go off what I can remember most beers smelling of which normally isn't very pleasant. On cold it isn't as boozey as one would think on account of the citrus stepping up and playing a more dominate role in the candle. The beer that first comes to mind and what I picture this smelling like when bright orange citrus hits my nose is Blue Moon. 

     Upon lighting I did manage to pick up a soft aroma of something yeasty as I stood around the candle for pictures. Soon after though the scent had mostly dissipated and I was left with only the scent of the candle wick burning. 

    Unfortunately I have to rate this candle a 1 out of 5 on scent throw though it did burn extremely well so I'll give it a 5 for clean and even burning. 

  The hunt for the mandle still continues! 

   What is the next scent I should try for a mandle? What do you think is a true "guy worthy" candle? 

Until Next Burn, 

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  1. How fun! I like strolling through Big Lots from time to time. I need to check out their garden section soon. I didn't know you didn't drink either. <3 I used to but it became an issue so I have stopped and it has been 7 years.

    Man candle huh? Hmmmm... I am thinking Adam would like a nice juicy blueberry candle. He does tend to like my minty scents. He HATES chocolate scents. He always says it smells like a wet dog in the house when I try to melt or burn one.