Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Shop My Stash Haul #1

Shop My Stash Haul #1

  It seems as if everyone is currently trying to be on a “low buy, no buy” of some kind as of late including myself. After sitting down and going through some of the wax that I own, I figured it was time for me to really focus on using up some of what I had before buying more. Do not fear, there will still be hauls! I am still a shopper at heart. I will try to focus more on what I have and give you reviews from vendors that I currently own. 

  So my idea on this concept of Shop My Stash is to go through my current “stash” or collection of wax goodies and pull out a certain number of melts each time. This will give me the chance to use up my wax while also rediscovering hidden jewels that have yet to be melted and enjoyed. This past week I pulled out 4 things and have attempted to melt through them. Below are my warmed thoughts on each. 

         Let's see what's in my cart this week!

Rose Girls Peppermint, Shaving Cream, Gilligan's Brew and Vanilla Pine

  One that I recieved in a mystery sampler box and was glad to have a chance to try a Gilligans brew blend of Jenny's. Talcum powder shaving cream that's more of a Barbasol than Gillette is the heaviest while leaving a tingle of mint to tickle the senses.Warmed, it takes on more of a coconut milk while keeping strong to its shaving cream. Overall a very nice melt.

Vintage Chic Scents Coat of Many Colors- Strawberry acai candy sticks.

Was not much of a preformer. Of what I could detect it was more of a powdery candy that resembled crushed smarties with a very light throw and a pour date from 2016.

Goose Creek Christmas Cookie

Smells exactly like the Christmas butter cookies that have the red and green sprinkles adorning them that come in the bell, star and tree shapes. So delicious. Once completely pooled out throws at about a medium with one cube in my Glade warmer.

Vintage Chic Scents Lucky Luciano

Sweet lime mandarin (Calacas Type) is one that I've held on to from a destash and have let cure awhile. Throws strong in both my bedroom and living room warmers with a scent that reminds me of the candy slice mandarin oranges thats dusted in a coat of fine sugar. 

How is your stash/current wax situation looking? 

Until Next Melt, 


  1. My stash was down to nearly nothing for a while but now it's slowly growing as I've been picking up a pack or two of BHG/Scentsationals new summer scents here and there. Well, my fall stash is growing already because I'm snatching up the discounted ones at Walmart. LOL

    I have NO indie vendor wax in my stash right now. Oh wait, I do have one or two scent shots from Sweet Fixations in my Christmas leftovers but those are tucked away until November. So, yeah, we'll say I have NO indie vendor wax at the moment. :)


    1. Well I am going to hopefully fix a little of that because no one should go without vendor wax! Haha. I need to sit down today and finalize that so it can go out this week.
      I'm glad you are letting yourself pick up some wax here and there and that you've gotten back into melting and reviewing a bit.

  2. Great idea! It's nice to poke around in long-forgotten storage and find some old (or new) favourites. In my continuing efforts to cut back and melt through my stash (particularly those RG Mini Melters) I've been trying to melt from all across the scent spectrum and not dwell too long in one particular area so I don't use up, say, all my peppermint in one go. Best of luck - keep at 'er!

    1. That's a great idea! I'm bad about sticking to one scent so all of m other wax gets neglected. I'm trying to spread the love and try melting across the board like you said.
      I have bought about 2-3 hauls over the past few months that I will be uploading soon so I haven't done as well as you but I still have done a lot better and have hardly ordered.