Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Happy Easter Candle from Bath and Body Works

Brand/Vendor: Bath and Body Works

Product: Single Wick Mini Candle, 1.3 oz

Price: $4.50

Scent: Happy Easter! (Cotton Candy Marshmallow)

Scent Description: Celebrate spring with a sweet blend of sparkling cotton candy raspberries and fresh sugared cream.

I believe this packaging is from the 2016 Easter Collection/Range. It is very simplistic but still festive and fun. The pastel yellow wax is an eye catcher that is perfect to decorate your home for the season. 

Spritz of sparkling rasberries refresh the nose while the sugared cream really comes into play and sweetens up the fragrance with a cold, whipped cream type rounding off the top of this sweet delicacy on cold sniff. Though of course once it is lit it is as if all of the scent completley dissapates. I didn’t expect much from the throw with it being a mini candle and with not having much luck with them in the past. In the end I decided to pop the candle in the freezer for 30 minutes to help the candle slide out of its jar before chopping it into meltable chunks. Its melting throw performs way better I am happy to report! 

Happy Easter week lovelies! Remember the true reason for the SEASON and also enjoy the time spent with your families. 

Until Next Melt, 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Happy Spring- Febreze Home Fragrance

  With spring just around the corner it brings with it the all familiar daylight savings and the much needed spring cleaning.

   As we kick off the last few weeks of winter, we say goodbye to the heavy spice and Christmas time scents to welcome more airy and brighter fragrances. A scent I came across while grocery shopping that I believed would be perfect was Febreze Happy Spring. Not only does it have a fresh, clean vibe that is perfect for spring cleaning but it smells slightly of laundered linen with a top note of dewy lily petals which is so comforting to help your home feel as stress free as possible during the transition with the time change.

Brand/Vendor: Febreze

Product: 6 Cube 2.75 oz Wax Melts

Scent: Happy Spring (Juicy Petals)

Where: Wal-Mart (though check other major retail stores) in the laundry/cleaning isle. Not kept with other home fragrance.

One cube threw very well in my bedroom Glade for 3-4 hours before turning it off for the evening. I would give the throw a 5/5 as it was a solid performer without being to overbearing.


This is a very beautiful home fragrance that can easily be picked up at your local retailer and is very affordable with no shipping cost! I would happily pick up more from this brand in the future.

Until Next Melt,