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   Welcome to the Themeltdownblog!
 Here you will find the continuation of my first blog page, (www.themeltdownblog.wordpress.com) along with all things waxy and fragrant.

 Contact Info:
Email- themeltdownblog@gmail.com
Instagram: @themeltdown15

Disclaimer: On this blog I will review and share with you many products I have purchased myself with my own money. I am not affiliated with the companies I mention or may include links for in my blogs for your convenience. My experiences and opinions on a product may not be what you experience or think. This blog is to inform and entertain. I will be 100% honest when reviewing products whether it is products I have purchased or have been gifted/given to review.

There have been times I have used clip-art or pictures believed to be public domain but the rest of the pictures used in my blogs are original and are my own. Please do not use without permission.

Happy Melting!

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