Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Wax With A Twist

Wax With A Twist

    The art of wax making has really flourished over the years and has gone from simple molds and rounds to intricate details and designs that form true pieces of art in forms such as clams, pies, cookies, loaves and more.
  Now we even have the convenience of a no-chopping, mess-free-option that is called Molten Wax offered by the vendor Waxmosphere. It is as simple as twisting up the top of a cap and squeezing as much or as little of the product in your warmer. 
  Not only does this option allow for fast and easy blending, but it encourages creativity with its several color options and its writing tip cap.     If you are ever on Instagram, look up the #Moltenwax and you will see some of the brilliant artwork created using this wax. I was thrilled to finally get my hands on some of this product and see how I felt about it myself. Below is my haul and first impressions after using. Shipping was fast and reasonable at $7.00 PFRE. Warning ahead of time, I didn't take a lot of time to doodle for each one. I just wanted to show the color and consistency of rach and didn't want to waste product. 

4. oz. $7.00

Enchanted Forest (Lush So White Type) (White)
“This Fragrance Is Inspired by the Snow White Story. It Contains Notes of Orange, Citrus, Apple, Rose, Bergamot and Neroli.”

Ahh. Spot on and it is hard to pull my nose away from it. I’ve already melted this one at least three times. Twice by itself and once blended with Snuggle Fresh Linen from Air Wick. Both were great experiences of apple, soft floral perfume dreaminess.

Marshmallow Fireside (BBW Type) (White/Clear)
 “Toasted Marshmallows and Sumptuous Vanilla Cream Blend with The Comforting Aroma of Rich Smoldering Woods.”

A close dupe but not an exact match. I feel as if the BBW Marshmallow fireside is much sweeter and has more of the vanilla cream-marshmallow while this one shares more of the smokier smoldering woods notes. Having my husband smell it, he commented he could smell the faintest smell of hotdogs cooking within the smokiness. Yum..?...

1 oz. (Sample Size) $2.00

Dylan McDirtmint (Brown)
 “An Earthy and Aromatic Blend, Featuring Fresh Sprigs of Spearmint and Herbaceous Rosemary and Basil, Followed by Freshly Tilled Dirt.”

Potting soil at its finest. Many speak of ST Middle earth not being “dirty” enough for them. Well if that is your thing, look no further as this should fix that craving. There is just a tinge of mint leaf on the surface but mostly this is potting soil to my nose.

Frosty Mint Milkshake (White)
“Yummy Vanilla Ice Cream with A Dash of Spearmint, Topped with A Dollop of Whipped Cream”

A handspun vanilla milkshake infused with essence of spearmint extract and topped with a mound of homemade whipped cream you’ll want to stick your finger into. This is no Cool Whip!

Blue Frost (Lush Type) (Blue)
“Fresh Mint and White Mush”
Soapy, refreshing blast of cooling mint.

As you see here I was very careful with this one as it's my favorite. I was able to scrape each bit back up from pictures and save for future melting! 

Berry Vanilla Waffle Cone (Pink)
“Buttery Waffle Cone and Vanilla with Swirls Of Subtle Berries.

Probably my favorite from the order. This smells amazing. The berry, which I am assuming is more of a raspberry type, blends out so well with the waffle cone. The waffle cone is the crisp, homemade, hand wrapped version found at street fairs. So good that I would love to have a 4 oz. bottle. I am sure this would blend beautifully but it melts perfect on its own. 

 My samples that were included were Chambord and Champagne, Tea and Fuzzy Socks and Setting the Mood. 

All in all I am very happy with my order and will be happy to add more to my Molten Wax scents some day soon! 

Have you tried Molten Wax? What was your experience? 

Until Next Melt, 

Monday, February 26, 2018

Shop My Stash Haul #2

   Welcome back to the 2nd edition of Shop-My-Stash! This week was a little less challenging to shop because I had a general idea of where all my vendors were located after previously sorting and organizing for an easier shopping experience.

  Let’s see what’s in the cart this week!

                 Rose Girls Alice in Slumberland

 Perfect for day or night time melting, though I do find myself reaching for this more come nightfall. Soothing lavender sprigs that present themselves as more of a true lavender that usually has a tendency to a lean towards an iron/metallic type scent. No worries if this isn't your thing as the honeydew melon comes in to the rescue and really kicks this melt up a notch in sweetness and just a bite of tartness.

Rose Girls So White Peppermint

Throw that will knock your socks off but leave you dancing! The So White (Lush Dupe) is so stunning with its clean almost soap like scent mellowed out by the crisp bite of red delicious apple. This melt just reminded me how much I enjoy So White as a fragrance and left me craving more. 

Vintage Road Candles Spa Day
White Tea & Ginger, White Sage, Avobath type, and Sea Breeze

Chopped ginger root and refreshing Avo Bath type most dominate with a touch of ocean breeze. Cut in thirds, it throws at about a medium. 

Candy Panda Wax Coney Island

I forgot to snap a proper picture for this post before throwing it in the warmer but I did manage to at least grab this one. This little guy has been in my wax box for awhile. So long in fact that it was from my first order with the company (2016?). Coney Island is a delicious blend of captain crunch cereal and buttery waffle cone. Mostly the yellow corn squares are what I pick up most alongside the buttery, toasted waffle cone. 

Any fun scents you've melted this week? Let me know! 

Until Next Melt, 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Throw Back Post, Golden Melts

A throwback to my post I did on a Super Tarts Collection, the Golden Melts which I am totally obsessed with because of obvious reasons. 

The girls ate over 100 cheesecakes during the shows 7 year run but in reality Rue hated cheesecake.

As much love that I hold for the Girls, I still can't believe it's taken me this long to get the full collection. Time and time again I go to the Girls for comfort or just to unwind after a long day. I will always treasure anything GG themed that keeps their memory alive.

RoseSweet Loops, Elderberry & Blue Cotton Candy

  Before this melt I wasn't sure what elderberry smelled like. Now I know and it is kicking tail in this blend! Berrylicious with swirls of airy cotton candy. Childlike and playful with the added candy fragrance which represents Rose's innocence perfectly yet still somehow keeping it classy and fresh. 

 Rose Fun Fact:
  • Betty and Rue would leave each other puzzles and riddles on the bulliten board that hung in the kitchen for each other to solve. Both women were very competitive. 

  • Nothing Betty says in her St. Olaf language/gibberish is real. That's exactly what it is, gibberish. Though she has a way of selling it and making us believe it is a true language. 

Besides Sophia, Rose is probably my favorite character on 

BlancheDowney, a nice musky odor with hints of fresh green ozone and patchouli, and sweet lollipops

  A patchouli blend? Wha? Yes I know. But I had to have the full set. It wouldn't have been the same with just three of the girls.       Though on cold it's actually nice. I don't get much patchouli. It's a nice laundered, crisp sweet melt. Warmed, it is incredible. The green ozone blends beautiful with the downy and helps to step it down a bit from being too sharp while the pollo sweetens and adds character. Laundry was a nice touch for our lovely B.E.D. 

Blanche Fun Facts:
  • Rue was found asleep in many different places on set. 

  •  Rue had a clause written into her contract that she be allowed to keep all of Blanche's custom-made clothing.  It was enough clothing to fill 13 closets. 

MaHoneydew Melon, Chamomile & Strawberry Slices
  More subtle than the other girls melts which doesn't fit Sophia's firecracker personality but a strong thrower none the less. 
  Though I do love this one. The honeydew is so watery and crisp and the strawberry slices smell exactly like you would expect with its black seeds and all! I always say that if you can 'smell the seeds in a strawberry melt, you know it's a good, true strawberry. 

Sophia Fun Fact:
  • It took forty-five minutes in make-up for Estelle Getty to get into character of Sophia
  • Estelle Getty suffered from intense stage fright that would often lead her to freeze on camera. 

Dorothy- Cactus & Sea Salt, Camu Camu & Guava
  So fresh. Usually I'm not much of a cactus and sea salt fan though the ripe, juicy Guava stands strong alongside the camu camu giving this melt a fruity sea breeze type mixed with almost a shampoo type. I could see this being a fragrance ole Dorothy herself could be caught wearing.

Dorothy Fun Fact:
  • Bea's ears arent pierced so all of the earrings she wore on set were clip-ons that would leave her ears numb by the end of taping.

  • Bea didn't get along with her other co-workers. After the show ended she didn't stay in touch.

      All in all I am impressed with this collection and think the clams are, "Just lovely" With the simple palm tree to their vibrant colors.
      Are you a big Golden Girls Fan? Who is your favorite Gal? Let me know!

        Wednesday, February 14, 2018

        Valentines Tag

        Happy Valentines week everyone! I was invited to join along in a Valentines Tag with a few bloggers who I will link their blogs below so you can check out their answers too! Feel free to play along and answer in the comments.

        Julie @ http://www.theredolentmermaid.com/?m=1

        Deb @ http://somethingalwayz.blogspot.com/?m=1

        Front Porch Grubby Tarts

        1. Do You Celebrate Valentine's Day?

          Causally, yes. The husband and I do not like to get caught up in making a big deal out of the day but we still enjoy surprising one another with a small gift. As for eating out, we usually eat out the day before (or after) or make a nice dinner at home to avoid the crowds that are dinning in.

        2. Do You Send Valentine's Cards?

          I havent in the past but this actually sounds like a lot of fun, maybe I should shoot for this next year! I recieved a cute one from my mom this year of my nephew and his new dog that was just the sweetest!

        3.Do You Like Candy Conversation Hearts?

          Yes and no. It’s one of those candies I must be in the mood for but when I am I prefer the pink, blue and yellows!

        4.Are You Romantic?

        I like romantic gestures, movies, stories, ect. Though their has to be an equal balance so it doesn't get too cheesey and sappy. I'm very simple when it comes to romantic gestures, like flowers, chocolates or wax...😁

        5.Would You Rather Receive Flowers or Chocolates?

          Flowers as they are more of a special treat to recieve. The ones pictured above I came home to after a bad day this past week and Mr. Meltdown had surprised me with them. Aren't they beautiful?

        6.Who is your Favorite Fictional or Celeb Couple?

          Currently I am a huge fan of most of the couples on the show This is Us. Who couldn’t adore Jack and Rebecca’s relationship right alongside Randall and Beth and Kate and Toby’s. Though Jack and Rebecca just stand out to me the most.

        7.Who Would Your Dream Date Be With? (Current significant other excluded)

          This is a toughie as I honestly don’t have a celebrity crush. Boo, I know. I am no fun. Because I have to choose someone I would choose a platonic 'date' and choose Betty White. I would love to spend a day with her and get to know her better.

        8.What Would Your Dream Date Consist Of?

        Going to a taping of the Golden Girls (if it were still possible), go to lunch, stop by the zoo and run around a few shops together.

        9.What Scent Will You Be Melting/Burning/Wearing this Valentines Day?

        I'll be melting Toadette (cherry cola sugar plum) and Vanilla Sandalwood Campfire Marshmallows from Rose Girls. Yum! As for perfume I'll probably be wearing my Twilight Body spray from Bento Wax.

        10.Finish In Your Own Way: Roses are Red, Violets are Blue….

        Well the first thing that comes to mind is the song:

        "Roses are red and violets are blue,
        Honey is sweet, but not as sweet as you. Roses are red and violets are blue,

        Ah di da did mud
        Ah di da did mud

        Dum di da di da,
        Dum di da di da,
        Dum di da di da, (x2)

        Come pick my Roses! "  - Roses Are Red, Aqua. 

        How would you answer the following questions? Let me know in the comments!

        Monday, February 12, 2018

        Backforty Wax Company Haul

          The frustration and struggle with my sinus congestion & headaches was just the thing to have me give into my “low buy” after finding a new to me vendor that offered headache and sinus relief melts a few weeks back.
          Backforty Wax Company is ran by a woman named Maren that is based out of Minnesota. Only a Golden Girls fan, particularly a Rose Nyland fan, will realize the significance of this detail and how awesome it is. Not to mention the company's name is too cute to boot!
          I am excited to share these products with you so let us dive right in.

            Included was a handwritten card thanking me for my order along with two of her business cards and a few samples. Not only did this vendor write a handwritten message but also emailed me letting me know that if I needed anything to just let her know. Moreover, shipping was incredibly fast at a reasonable $6.50 flat rate that was shipped after my order was placed on a Thursday evening and arrived early Saturday morning. It is the small details that really make a vendor stand out and that are really appreciated. Thank you again Maren.

          Sinus Ease Wax Brittle 4 oz. $4.50
        A wonderful, cool, crisp camphor, eucalyptus and peppermint.
           The smell is very similar to Vicks which of course puts a smile on my face as I sniff into the bag. Nose clearing good!

        Head Ease Wax Brittle 4 oz. $5.00
        A wonderfully strong blend of peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils

          The strong, classic peppermint essential oil we are all familiar with, blended with a touch of eucalyptus and lavender sprigs to aid in soothing those pesky headaches.
           I enjoyed the fragrance of this so much that I ordered 8 more oz. of this to keep on hand as peppermint essential oils are the only fragrance that I can tolerate when headaches arise. The only thing I wish I could change is that the scent would stay as strong as it is the first 15-20 minutes that I put it on to melt. I may be able to remedy this with a warmer that doesn’t burn the oils off as fast as my Glades tend to do. 

        Hello It’s Me Wax Shot $2.25
        Notes of sparkling sea air and ozone fused with nuances of nougat, lilac, spicy saffron, fennel, moss & sandalwood, vanilla bean sugar, butter, cream, nutty, sweet.

          I'll admit.. I am a bit afraid to get my nose too close to this on account of all the loose glitter that came out when I opened the scent shot. Of what I can smell on cold I get a nutty sweet nougat and hints of butter and vanilla. 

        Love Potion #9 Wax Brittle 4 oz. $4.50
        An incredible iced champagne mixed with rich, sweet raspberry, cranberry, vibrant lime, kale, white fennel, lemon, cucumbers, yuzu and a touch of black pepper.

            I dare you to not sing the song. If you sang it while reading it, you lost!
          Love potion flew into my cart before I even had time to read the description. Is it silly to buy a melt simply on its name?? I think not!
            Once gazing upon the enchanting list of ingredients used to concoct this blend, it was unveiled to me that this would be a true winner. Boy was I right!!! Fruity, sweet and elegant without being overwhelming. Like a classy lady who still enjoys letting go and being wild at times. A blend too difficult to explain with its intoxicating fumes, You will have to just try it yourself!

        Without You Wax Brittle 4 oz $4.50 Strawberry, rich and yummy white cake baked to perfection.

          What yumminess is this!? Smells exactly like a pot of Philisbury strawberry whipped icing with all its lickiable qualities and all. Just the smell of this will make you think you've eaten a tub of it and consumed several indulgent calories. 

        The samples I recieved were in the scents Love Train, Baby Blue, Dust In The Wind and So Into You. 

        All in all I was very happy with my orders and would recommend checking out this vendor. 

        Until Next Melt, 

        Wednesday, February 7, 2018

        Shop My Stash Haul #1

        Shop My Stash Haul #1

          It seems as if everyone is currently trying to be on a “low buy, no buy” of some kind as of late including myself. After sitting down and going through some of the wax that I own, I figured it was time for me to really focus on using up some of what I had before buying more. Do not fear, there will still be hauls! I am still a shopper at heart. I will try to focus more on what I have and give you reviews from vendors that I currently own. 

          So my idea on this concept of Shop My Stash is to go through my current “stash” or collection of wax goodies and pull out a certain number of melts each time. This will give me the chance to use up my wax while also rediscovering hidden jewels that have yet to be melted and enjoyed. This past week I pulled out 4 things and have attempted to melt through them. Below are my warmed thoughts on each. 

                 Let's see what's in my cart this week!

        Rose Girls Peppermint, Shaving Cream, Gilligan's Brew and Vanilla Pine

          One that I recieved in a mystery sampler box and was glad to have a chance to try a Gilligans brew blend of Jenny's. Talcum powder shaving cream that's more of a Barbasol than Gillette is the heaviest while leaving a tingle of mint to tickle the senses.Warmed, it takes on more of a coconut milk while keeping strong to its shaving cream. Overall a very nice melt.

        Vintage Chic Scents Coat of Many Colors- Strawberry acai candy sticks.

        Was not much of a preformer. Of what I could detect it was more of a powdery candy that resembled crushed smarties with a very light throw and a pour date from 2016.

        Goose Creek Christmas Cookie

        Smells exactly like the Christmas butter cookies that have the red and green sprinkles adorning them that come in the bell, star and tree shapes. So delicious. Once completely pooled out throws at about a medium with one cube in my Glade warmer.

        Vintage Chic Scents Lucky Luciano

        Sweet lime mandarin (Calacas Type) is one that I've held on to from a destash and have let cure awhile. Throws strong in both my bedroom and living room warmers with a scent that reminds me of the candy slice mandarin oranges thats dusted in a coat of fine sugar. 

        How is your stash/current wax situation looking? 

        Until Next Melt,