Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Throw Back Post, Golden Melts

A throwback to my post I did on a Super Tarts Collection, the Golden Melts which I am totally obsessed with because of obvious reasons. 

The girls ate over 100 cheesecakes during the shows 7 year run but in reality Rue hated cheesecake.

As much love that I hold for the Girls, I still can't believe it's taken me this long to get the full collection. Time and time again I go to the Girls for comfort or just to unwind after a long day. I will always treasure anything GG themed that keeps their memory alive.

RoseSweet Loops, Elderberry & Blue Cotton Candy

  Before this melt I wasn't sure what elderberry smelled like. Now I know and it is kicking tail in this blend! Berrylicious with swirls of airy cotton candy. Childlike and playful with the added candy fragrance which represents Rose's innocence perfectly yet still somehow keeping it classy and fresh. 

 Rose Fun Fact:
  • Betty and Rue would leave each other puzzles and riddles on the bulliten board that hung in the kitchen for each other to solve. Both women were very competitive. 

  • Nothing Betty says in her St. Olaf language/gibberish is real. That's exactly what it is, gibberish. Though she has a way of selling it and making us believe it is a true language. 

Besides Sophia, Rose is probably my favorite character on 

BlancheDowney, a nice musky odor with hints of fresh green ozone and patchouli, and sweet lollipops

  A patchouli blend? Wha? Yes I know. But I had to have the full set. It wouldn't have been the same with just three of the girls.       Though on cold it's actually nice. I don't get much patchouli. It's a nice laundered, crisp sweet melt. Warmed, it is incredible. The green ozone blends beautiful with the downy and helps to step it down a bit from being too sharp while the pollo sweetens and adds character. Laundry was a nice touch for our lovely B.E.D. 

Blanche Fun Facts:
  • Rue was found asleep in many different places on set. 

  •  Rue had a clause written into her contract that she be allowed to keep all of Blanche's custom-made clothing.  It was enough clothing to fill 13 closets. 

MaHoneydew Melon, Chamomile & Strawberry Slices
  More subtle than the other girls melts which doesn't fit Sophia's firecracker personality but a strong thrower none the less. 
  Though I do love this one. The honeydew is so watery and crisp and the strawberry slices smell exactly like you would expect with its black seeds and all! I always say that if you can 'smell the seeds in a strawberry melt, you know it's a good, true strawberry. 

Sophia Fun Fact:
  • It took forty-five minutes in make-up for Estelle Getty to get into character of Sophia
  • Estelle Getty suffered from intense stage fright that would often lead her to freeze on camera. 

Dorothy- Cactus & Sea Salt, Camu Camu & Guava
  So fresh. Usually I'm not much of a cactus and sea salt fan though the ripe, juicy Guava stands strong alongside the camu camu giving this melt a fruity sea breeze type mixed with almost a shampoo type. I could see this being a fragrance ole Dorothy herself could be caught wearing.

Dorothy Fun Fact:
  • Bea's ears arent pierced so all of the earrings she wore on set were clip-ons that would leave her ears numb by the end of taping.

  • Bea didn't get along with her other co-workers. After the show ended she didn't stay in touch.

      All in all I am impressed with this collection and think the clams are, "Just lovely" With the simple palm tree to their vibrant colors.
      Are you a big Golden Girls Fan? Who is your favorite Gal? Let me know!


        1. It always breaks my heart a little when I find out that a fictional character tied to a fictional love of some food doesn't actually love that food. Like, I totally understand why she wouldn't like cheesecake after staring at it, smelling it, nibbling on it practically every single day, even if you started out really loving the stuff, but sniff, wither the cheesecake?! It's like the girl that plays Eleven on Stranger Things hating Eggos. Such sadness. :(

          1. What is this madnness!? Millie hates Eggos!? Lol, I had no idea.
            I know, I was super super bummed to know about some of the magic that happened behind the scenes would ruin things including knowing Rue hated cheesecake. Like, What?
            That's what bonded them all together!?
            I guess it makes since now that, that is why they would sometimes do other desserts at night like ice cream or fruit, ect.

        2. " which doesn't fit Sophia's firecracker personality" LOL - I was going to say that! I would have expected something spicy and sassy for her!

          What a fun collection, and thanks for those random tidbits. You're making me really want to watch this show again. I used to casually enjoy it back in the day when my mom would watch it. Maybe I can find the dvds at Walmart or something.


          1. Oh, I'll make a Golden Girls fan out of you yet, just watch! 😁
            They are just so entertaining to watch and comforting all at the same time.

            They have them at Wal-Mart, Barnes and Noble, Amazon. What I really want to watch now is Golden Palace and it's like it's no where to be found unless you buy a questionable copy from a questionable site.

        3. I loved watching Golden Girls when I was little. Betty and Rue would be the gals I would love to hang out with. I loved reading all these fun facts! I am kinda sad about Bea not really liking anyone on the show. Kinda like when I found out Adam and Jamie on MythBusters didn't like each other. It kinda changes how I see the show. Happy these scents turned out nice for you!!! It doesn't always work out that way sadly. I think once I melt through some of my stash more I might need to pick up some of my old ST favorites. I don't think I have very many left in my stash.

          1. Be aware that when you do go shopping that she did raise her prices by 0.25 cents on each clam.
            Oh I know, I just hate when the illusion is broken. I do wish it turned out where they were all true friends.
            I love them all but I would say Betty and Rue would also be my choices!! Such fun.
            What are some of your top favorites from ST?