Monday, February 26, 2018

Shop My Stash Haul #2

   Welcome back to the 2nd edition of Shop-My-Stash! This week was a little less challenging to shop because I had a general idea of where all my vendors were located after previously sorting and organizing for an easier shopping experience.

  Let’s see what’s in the cart this week!

                 Rose Girls Alice in Slumberland

 Perfect for day or night time melting, though I do find myself reaching for this more come nightfall. Soothing lavender sprigs that present themselves as more of a true lavender that usually has a tendency to a lean towards an iron/metallic type scent. No worries if this isn't your thing as the honeydew melon comes in to the rescue and really kicks this melt up a notch in sweetness and just a bite of tartness.

Rose Girls So White Peppermint

Throw that will knock your socks off but leave you dancing! The So White (Lush Dupe) is so stunning with its clean almost soap like scent mellowed out by the crisp bite of red delicious apple. This melt just reminded me how much I enjoy So White as a fragrance and left me craving more. 

Vintage Road Candles Spa Day
White Tea & Ginger, White Sage, Avobath type, and Sea Breeze

Chopped ginger root and refreshing Avo Bath type most dominate with a touch of ocean breeze. Cut in thirds, it throws at about a medium. 

Candy Panda Wax Coney Island

I forgot to snap a proper picture for this post before throwing it in the warmer but I did manage to at least grab this one. This little guy has been in my wax box for awhile. So long in fact that it was from my first order with the company (2016?). Coney Island is a delicious blend of captain crunch cereal and buttery waffle cone. Mostly the yellow corn squares are what I pick up most alongside the buttery, toasted waffle cone. 

Any fun scents you've melted this week? Let me know! 

Until Next Melt, 


  1. I love this!! Shopping your stash is a brilliant idea! Alice in Slumberland is a great one. Perfect springtime scent. I am so sorry for being a slacker friend and commenter. I am setting out to rectify that tonight. I have been melting higgeldy-piggeldy as of late because I have been too lazy to make a new melting basket (what is wrong with me?!?!) so you kicked me in the pants and I built a melting basket and it is FULL OF BAKERY!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!? LOL!

    1. Full bakery!? Whaa? So unlike you for sure!
      Where has my pink sugar peppermint, patchouli, earthy loving Julie friend gone?! Haha, jk!!
      I hope you enjoy all of your yummies.
      Hey, I understand life can get crazy busy!!

  2. Ohhhh, Rosegirls. I have such a sentimental spot in my heart for RG wax, yet I don't order nearly enough. If we ever get our finances back in order, I think I might have to treat myself to some mini melters.