Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Wax With A Twist

Wax With A Twist

    The art of wax making has really flourished over the years and has gone from simple molds and rounds to intricate details and designs that form true pieces of art in forms such as clams, pies, cookies, loaves and more.
  Now we even have the convenience of a no-chopping, mess-free-option that is called Molten Wax offered by the vendor Waxmosphere. It is as simple as twisting up the top of a cap and squeezing as much or as little of the product in your warmer. 
  Not only does this option allow for fast and easy blending, but it encourages creativity with its several color options and its writing tip cap.     If you are ever on Instagram, look up the #Moltenwax and you will see some of the brilliant artwork created using this wax. I was thrilled to finally get my hands on some of this product and see how I felt about it myself. Below is my haul and first impressions after using. Shipping was fast and reasonable at $7.00 PFRE. Warning ahead of time, I didn't take a lot of time to doodle for each one. I just wanted to show the color and consistency of rach and didn't want to waste product. 

4. oz. $7.00

Enchanted Forest (Lush So White Type) (White)
“This Fragrance Is Inspired by the Snow White Story. It Contains Notes of Orange, Citrus, Apple, Rose, Bergamot and Neroli.”

Ahh. Spot on and it is hard to pull my nose away from it. I’ve already melted this one at least three times. Twice by itself and once blended with Snuggle Fresh Linen from Air Wick. Both were great experiences of apple, soft floral perfume dreaminess.

Marshmallow Fireside (BBW Type) (White/Clear)
 “Toasted Marshmallows and Sumptuous Vanilla Cream Blend with The Comforting Aroma of Rich Smoldering Woods.”

A close dupe but not an exact match. I feel as if the BBW Marshmallow fireside is much sweeter and has more of the vanilla cream-marshmallow while this one shares more of the smokier smoldering woods notes. Having my husband smell it, he commented he could smell the faintest smell of hotdogs cooking within the smokiness. Yum..?...

1 oz. (Sample Size) $2.00

Dylan McDirtmint (Brown)
 “An Earthy and Aromatic Blend, Featuring Fresh Sprigs of Spearmint and Herbaceous Rosemary and Basil, Followed by Freshly Tilled Dirt.”

Potting soil at its finest. Many speak of ST Middle earth not being “dirty” enough for them. Well if that is your thing, look no further as this should fix that craving. There is just a tinge of mint leaf on the surface but mostly this is potting soil to my nose.

Frosty Mint Milkshake (White)
“Yummy Vanilla Ice Cream with A Dash of Spearmint, Topped with A Dollop of Whipped Cream”

A handspun vanilla milkshake infused with essence of spearmint extract and topped with a mound of homemade whipped cream you’ll want to stick your finger into. This is no Cool Whip!

Blue Frost (Lush Type) (Blue)
“Fresh Mint and White Mush”
Soapy, refreshing blast of cooling mint.

As you see here I was very careful with this one as it's my favorite. I was able to scrape each bit back up from pictures and save for future melting! 

Berry Vanilla Waffle Cone (Pink)
“Buttery Waffle Cone and Vanilla with Swirls Of Subtle Berries.

Probably my favorite from the order. This smells amazing. The berry, which I am assuming is more of a raspberry type, blends out so well with the waffle cone. The waffle cone is the crisp, homemade, hand wrapped version found at street fairs. So good that I would love to have a 4 oz. bottle. I am sure this would blend beautifully but it melts perfect on its own. 

 My samples that were included were Chambord and Champagne, Tea and Fuzzy Socks and Setting the Mood. 

All in all I am very happy with my order and will be happy to add more to my Molten Wax scents some day soon! 

Have you tried Molten Wax? What was your experience? 

Until Next Melt, 


  1. The background of the pics and the clear dish makes it hard to see the doodle examples. I completely missed them the first time through. Doh!

    Interesting product but not something I think I'd ever be into. I'm curious how much is left on the inside of the bottle when it's 'empty.' I never got into scoopable wax either for that reason, that it seems you lose a lot in what's left behind.

    Fun to try new things though!


    1. Ah, I guess I could see that. I guess that is my bad.
      I didn't consider waste. I just figured it would be a mess free way of melting. Maybe cutting the tube in half once it's empty and scraping it clean?

  2. Never tried liquid wax myself, but I'd have a hard time not just doodling the entire bottle away. That Berry one sounds scrum-diddily; I'm firmly over on Team Waffle Cone, and I don't know why it doesn't get more love as a blender (or heck, even by itself.) I love everything with a waffle cone note in it, and the raspberry sounds amazing.

    1. If you ever order, it would be one to snag for sure. It is delicious and blends wonderfully.
      I totally agree on waffle cone. Blend it with everything!
      I'm really on a blackberry kick at the moment, heck all berry sounds delicious.

  3. What a fun order! It is neat to see the different ways vendors experiment with wax. Front Porch did these liquid wax types a few years back... I think it was called "squirty wax"? I tried it once but it didn't ring my chimes. These look fun though! I love your tie-dye background. <3 Too funny about the hotdog in the Marshmallow Fireside. I sometimes smell smoked meats or bacon in overly smoky scents too.

    1. Oh yes! I do remember seeing the Squirty wax on Front Porch.
      They looked like loads of fun and just something different, especially seeing how much fun everyonr was having drawing with them!
      I'm glad he isn't the only one then, I was Begining to think he was going a little coo coo haha!!